Our Work in Energy & Utilities

Decision Intelligence from Space reducing risk exposures 

Decision Intelligence in Energy Sector

As large area installations themselves, companies in the energy and utility sectors  were traditionally dependent on Satellite data to plan their businesses. A new dimension that was added was the ability for augmented datasets to be provided on top of the imagery providing these operators the near real time data they required to run day to day business. 

At SatSure we see our services spread across all the parts of the value chain. In Upstream, SatSure along with its big data partner worked to build a data platform that will determine suitable site for construction and use the datasets to determine the amount of soil that needs to be excavated for site levelling saving them millions of dollars worth of capex and opex.

Our clients use the Decision Intelligence tools for smarter ROI Analysis, managing complex and demanding projects in Upstream and Midstream. 

The data has been further used to enhance health and safety in the Oil Sector by remote monitoring of operating plants to see evidence of containment loss or achieving targets for the minimum bank guarantees. This has enabled our customers to make monetary savings in setting risk premiums and reducing dramatically their exposure to national and local punitive actions when it comes to Health and Safety as well as strict environmental laws and regulations.