Our Work in Renewables

Harnessing Renewables with Remote Sensing

Renewable Energy companies are dependent on Earth Observation for their business. Solar Companies need to know when and where the sun is shining the brightest, Wind Companies need to when and where there is wind for production and site suitability, Hyrdo electric companies need to know how much rain and inflow can be expected to generate power. 

For long-term planning of renewable energy projects, earth observation from space is equally crucial. With the prospect of climate change being real, companies have to hedge themselves by taking a wider look of its impacts. The only reasonable and cost effective way to do so is to use satellite based observations. Ground-based observations are only limited to specific spots, and reanalysis data relies heavily on satellite measurements. Reanalysis data in turn informs decision-takers of where is a suitable spot for solar, wind, or hydro plants. 

SatSure's work in renewable energy is mostly concentrated of Solar and Hydro power, where we create decision intelligence tools to our customers.